Pregnancy is extremely beautiful, but it is tough on the body. From the swelling feet to the aching back, it’s important that women take good care of their bodies throughout the pregnancy. One of the many ways that expecting mothers can take care of their body is by scheduling routine prenatal massages. These massages are focused entirely on the mother and the parts of her body that are hurting from the pregnancy.

The team at Drake Professional Massage in Fort Collins offers high-quality prenatal massages for expecting mothers and, in today’s blog post, we are going to go over a few of the benefits that an expecting mother can enjoy from a prenatal massage. Let’s get started.

Minimize Anxiety

One of the many reasons that women enjoy prenatal massages is because of how they reduce levels of anxiety and stress. For women who are partaking in routine massages during their pregnancy, levels of stress and anxiety dropped while positive hormones, like serotonin and dopamine, increased. Studies have shown that these changes in the hormones ultimately helped to reduce complications with pregnancy for both the mothers and the babies.

Even if anxiety hasn’t been a huge part of the equation for you or for your loved one, a prenatal massage can help to provide a moment of relaxation. Pregnant or not, these moments are something we can all appreciate.

Reduce Swelling

Another common struggle of expecting mothers is swelling. Between the feet that carry additional weight and the muscles that are fatigued, swelling is something that every expecting mother is going to deal with. This is also commonly caused by a decrease in circulation throughout the body.

Prenatal massages are absolutely great for reducing swelling. With the additional circulation that a massage therapist will provide, muscles get the movement that they’ve been seeking, thus reducing the inflammation and swelling.

Minimize Cramping

When focusing on the muscles that are holding tension regularly, the chances of them cramping lessens. Muscles cramp when they’re not accustomed to the work that they’re doing, which makes sense for women who are carrying a baby! Aside from that, muscles need circulation — something that pregnancy is known for restricting. With all of that said, routine massages help tackle the two main causes of cramping, thus minimizing the chances of cramping. If you or your loved one has struggled with cramping during pregnancy, a prenatal massage might be the answer.

Minimize Back Pain

As we mentioned earlier, back pain is a pretty universal problem for women who are pregnant. One of the many ways that women who are pregnant tackle this problem is by scheduling routine massages that target the areas that are bothering them. Though massage can yield incredible results for expecting mothers, we often suggest that pregnant mothers pair their prenatal massages with a visit to the chiropractor. These types of appointments can help to relieve mothers of the pressure that their spine is experiencing from the additional weight.

Better Sleep

When your body is going through so many changes, a good night of rest is near impossible. This is due to a variety of things, including your aches and pains, stress and anxiety, and the like. With routine visits, a massage therapist is going to be focusing on the areas where tension and pain are being held, work the muscles sore from the additional weight, and help expecting mothers relax a bit. As a whole, these various things will help to increase the likelihood of a good night of sleep — something that every expecting mother could benefit from.

Improve Respiratory and GI Functionality

Another common issue that most expecting mothers will complain about is shortness of breath. This is often due to the growing uterus restricting the area around the diaphragm. Along with shortness of breath, this particular stage in the pregnancy can create problems like indigestion, nausea, heartburn and hyperventilation. With routine massages, you can alleviate these symptoms throughout the pregnancy.

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